We are the specialists in online and mobile qualitative research with 10 years of experience and enthusiasm. We support you from the start with the services that you require for your project – personally and tailor-made to suit.

If needs be, we can support you in sales, offer advice in designing a study, set up your project using the software, design the individual study sites, recruit the test persons through our partners, or support you in managing your test persons and in handling the data. DIY or full service – the choice is yours.

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Advice and a personal point of contact

At KERNWERT, you have a personal point of contact who looks after you throughout the project, knows your specific requirements and so can optimally support you. Your project manager can advise you on all methodological and technical questions and, on request, can also coordinate collaborative work with third parties (such as recruiters and translators).

Technical support – around the world

With reference to your project, we lease QDC STUDIO BY KERNWERT as a complete solution, including hosting and technical support. You can depend on the reliable care given to your project. Should you have any questions, our technical support is available – even outside standard business hours, if necessary.

Set-up service

On request, we can set up your project – quickly, solution-driven and reliably. If you want to set it up yourself, we can offer you a project check-up – in this way, you can be sure that your project is working as required. A complete service by us or DIY with a project check-up – the choice is yours.

Individual design for each project

We individually adapt the design of participant sites to meet your requirements for each project – so that they always look good and participants feel well.

Participant recruitment and data handling

We can recruit suitable test persons through a strong network of national and international recruitment partners. If necessary, we can also look after data handling, participant management, incentivisation, etc., etc.

Webinars, training and workshops

Under the title "Qualitative Forward", we hold regular free webinars on basic subjects and trends in online and mobile qualitative research – for beginners and advanced users. Furthermore, we offer individual workshops and training sessions on specific user questions and key industry areas.


   Server locations exclusively in Germany: Strict German data-protection law applies
   External monitoring of regulations under data-protection law
   Data separation and deletion: The separation of personal data and results data
   Data monitoring: Complete monitoring of the customer through all project data
   Secure access and permissions management
   Encoded data transmission
   Monitoring and fault management: The highest reliability and availability
   Firewall and intrusion-detection system: protection of sensitive project data
   Automatic and manual data backups



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