The most flexible platform for online qualitative research

Our software is as versatile as online qualitative research. From mobile ethnographic research, through blogs, to communities – QDC STUDIO is the flexible state-of-the-art solution for your research.

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Advice and Services

Advice and services for your research success

Trust our 10 years of experience. We can offer you the services that you need for a successful project: from methodological advice to technical implementation.

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Authentic insights for better decision-making

Online qualitative research opens up new insights. Enter into a direct dialogue with your target groups and quickly and efficiently gain insights that will really take you forward.

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Software and services for online and mobile qualitative research

We are the specialists in online and mobile qualitative research. As the first independent service provider in the German-speaking area, we have been providing innovative software solutions since 2005. Our software has been developed for the special requirements of online qualitative studies – and we continue to develop it in order to integrate new tools and pick up on trends.

Our software is used successfully and internationally by highly renowned institutes, agencies and companies. It unites innovative tools and sophisticated control functions in one application, thus allowing the flexible execution of widely varied qualitative studies, from single interviews, through mobile blogs, to communities.

We can support you with the services that you need for a successful project: from methodological advice in designing studies, through support in planning and setting up studies, to comprehensive support before and during the field phase.


Collages and mood boards for more creativity in your online and mobile studies

With our new creative tool you can integrate the popular collage technique even more easily in your online and mobile studies. As the first responsive tool of its kind it works - like our entire software - on all devices and platforms.

Your participants can capture impressions spontaneously with their smartphones and put pictures directly to the collage, they can select pictures from a pool to visualize attitudes, moods or brand worlds or combine textual concepts with images… more creativity for your online studies - try it now!


Qualitative Forward >> Webinars on online qualitative research

Discover the exciting world of online qualitative research – free webinars for qualitative market researchers and pollsters.

In clear introductory presentations, you will receive insights from experts in online qualitative research into new trends and valuable practical tips.

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