As varied as online qualitative research: from communities, through blogs to mobile ethnographics – QDC STUDIO BY KERNWERT is the flexible state-of-the-art solution for your research.

Our software supports researchers with efficient, practical tools in the set-up, presentation and analysis of online qualitative studies. Decide what tools to use according to the questions, not your budget: with QDC STUDIO, you have a wide range of methods available, which you can combine freely.

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All devices. Responses in every situation.

Reach your target groups in authentic situations – irrespective of device or platform. Our platform is one of the world’s first that has been optimised for multi-screen research, and offers test persons a consistent user experience on all devices and platforms, no matter whether smartphone, tablet or desktop.

All tools. More flexibility for deeper insights.

All tools and modules are available in one platform and can be freely combined with each other: For instance, link mobile diaries with discussions in a forum, or supplement synchronous focus groups with consolidating questionnaires and ethnographic assignments. This means more freedom for your studies and deeper insights into your questioning.

Every language. Global research and comprehension

QDC STUDIO BY KERNWERT supports all languages and character sets for online qualitative research around the world in all markets.

With integrated Instant Translation, you and your observers can be there, live, and can read all the results in real time.

For researchers. Greater efficiency and creativity.

QDC STUDIO BY KERNWERT is a professional tool and was developed for qualitative researchers – for efficient and flexible planning and implementation of online studies.

Our software supports you with practical tools and functions in all steps of your study – from set-up and presentation, through collaboration and communication, to monitoring and analysis.

For participants. More fun and forms of expression.

Varied and exciting study environments, and creative, hybrid research designs lead to more fun for participants and more varied insights for market researchers.

Test persons can express themselves verbally and non-verbally, hold group discussions or answer private questions and assignments.

For everyone. Intuitive operation on all devices.

Our software relies on intuitive operation and a uniform cross-tool operating concept. In this way, participants can start immediately – without training and without any manuals.

All tools can be used across all devices without any installation, so that participants can decide for themselves which device to use when responding.


Responsive design based on HTML5: Consistent user experiences on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops
One-click login: Authentication using one personal participant link for all access devices
Media upload for all assignment types and device classes; in all current formats
Varied creative tools: e.g. positioning tasks, image assessment, mood boards
Dashboard with live streaming: Have project in view at all times and respond quickly to new contributions
Instant Translation: Automated real-time translation for project team and observers
Simple grouping and filtering of participants for separate assignments and discussions
Integrated analysis tools: Insight Finder, real-time search, result tagging for presenters
Extensive export of results: Varied export formats and filter capabilities


Forum & bulletin board for intensive exchange

In moderated forums and bulletin boards, you can enter an extensive exchange with target groups, receive rapid feedback on your questions and develop new ideas.

Blog & album for authentic journals

In personal blogs and albums, you can gain authentic insights into the values and environments of consumers. Living contributions are produced by linking photos, videos or sounds.

Collages and mood boards for creative insights

Thoughts and feelings are clearly visualised in collages and mood boards. The use of creative tools creates a varied, motivational study environment for your participants.

Touch-Tool collection for innovative drag & drop assignments

Our Touch-Tool collection provides you with numerous innovative drag & drop assignment types for non-verbal and visual responses, such as sociograms, coordinate systems and sorting and ranking tasks. All tools are touch-optimised for mobile online research.

Questionnaires for structured polling

Questionnaires with qualitative and quantitative question types facilitate structured data recording even with high case rates and complex questions.

Like-dislike markers and brand mapping

Rapid and detailed assessment of visual concepts and packaging using like-dislike markers and comments. Visualise brand relationships and create brand landscapes to easily visualise complex relationships.

Live chat & interview for personal interactions

In online focus groups or single interviews, you can quickly and efficiently generate insights and obtain spontaneous responses and ideas. By adding multimedia stimulus material, concept tests can be implemented online, for example.

Webcam meetings for video interviews and video-online focus groups

Experience studio participants live and in colour. Whether in individual interviews or within a community – webcam meetings offer you an authentic opportunity for personal exchanges.    ­ +49-(0)30-53 01 23-60    ­ Gubener Straße 24, 10243 Berlin, Germany
Made and Hosted in Germany  Made and Hosted in Germany