Use the wide variety of online qualitative research for dialogue with your target groups and quickly and efficiently gain authentic insights that will really get you ahead.

Whether small groups of experts in chats, regular customer forums, ethnographic studies, in-home tests, consumer blogs or larger insight communities – online qualitative research opens up new insights into target groups and consumer behaviour.

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Online qualitative research brings many benefits:

Responses in authentic everyday and communicative situations; anonymity increases openness; no/less social and time pressures
Set-up and execution within the shortest time; access to results in real time; prompt evaluation; integration of feedback loops; no transcription
Compared to "analogue" methods; more extensive and deeper insights in many cases
Independent of place and time; good availability of even top target groups, international and mobile
Multimedia, longer and deeper discussions, mix of methods, group /individual views, supplement to classic surveys
Project partners are live in every phase and can exert influence


   Concept tests
   Advertising tests
   Packaging tests
   Product tests
   Customer forums and customer feedback studies
   Co-creation and ideation
   Employee feedback
   Media research
   Preparation and post-processing of classic methods
   Ethnographic studies

What participants say:

“I have previously taken part in very many focus groups and must say that I really liked it here. I particularly find the good usability very pleasant.”
“Most of all, I like the clear design of the tasks, indicating what I have already done. This makes participation very easy and I can concentrate better on the subjects and tasks.”
“Now, I just have to say that I really have fun here. Where else can you meet so many different people with whom you can exchange views or can simply chat to?”
“My initial scepticism very quickly gave way to enthusiasm. Every day, I looked forward again to the new tasks and forums, and was enthusiastic about completing them. I believe there will soon be something missing in my life.”    ­ +49-(0)30-53 01 23-60    ­ Gubener Straße 24, 10243 Berlin, Germany
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