Use the wide variety of online qualitative research for dialogue with your target groups and quickly and efficiently gain authentic insights that will really get you ahead.

Whether small groups of experts in chats, regular customer forums, ethnographic studies, in-home tests, consumer blogs or larger insight communities – online qualitative research opens up new insights into target groups and consumer behaviour. It brings you closer to your target groups, provides valuable insights into everyday life and allows a deeper contextual understanding.

Test for free and convince yourself

Online qualitative research brings many benefits

Everyday, authentic answers

Digital communication channels are familiar to most people and an integral part of their everyday lives. Participating in an online survey can be flexibly integrated into everyday routines and experiences and adventures can be captured directly in the moment. In this way, you gain authentic and honest insights close to the everyday life of your target groups.

Agile research, fast results

Digital research allows an agile, iterative approach. Preparation and implementation of a project are possible within a very short time and feedback loops can be easily implemented. During the project, you can access all results live and use them for analysis. Our software supports you with analysis and export tools.

Hybrid: online, offline, quant, qual

The future of research is hybrid: combine digital and analogue methods, quantitative question types with qualitative tools, text responses with video statements and collages, group discussions with private tasks. Use the best of all worlds for your studies.

Independence of place and time

Digital research allows you to easily interact with pointed, hard-to-recruit target groups. Research with people from different countries and regions and invite people with special needs to your studies.

Protected and secure

Our platform is secure and you can discuss sensitive topics, innovative ideas or new products in a protected space without worry. You determine the degree of anonymity. This way, participants also feel safe and express their honest opinions openly and in detail, even on personal issues.

Easily involve customers and project partners

You can easily invite your clients and project partners, so they can read results at any time and experience the course of the project live - either as pure observers or as active co-moderators. Integrated meeting rooms and a discussion board support your collaboration.

What participants say

I have previously taken part in very many focus groups and must say that I really liked it here. I particularly find the good usability very pleasant.

Most of all, I like the clear design of the tasks, indicating what I have already done. This makes participation very easy and I can concentrate better on the subjects and tasks.

Now, I just have to say that I really have fun here. Where else can you meet so many different people with whom you can exchange views or can simply chat to?

My initial scepticism very quickly gave way to enthusiasm. Every day, I looked forward again to the new tasks and forums, and was enthusiastic about completing them. I believe there will soon be something missing in my life.

Examples of typical areas of application

Co-creation and ideation
Shopping studies
Ethnographic studies
Product tests
Concept tests
Patient diaries
UX Research
Customer feedback / customer forums
Mobility studies
Media research
Advertising media tests
Target group research