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Next Generation AI-Assistent

New generation of our integrated AI assistant: Enhanced support for your studies

May 2024 // Major update to our research platform with a new generation of integrated AI assistant: Enhanced moderation, editing and creation features provide comprehensive support in all project phases, making qualitative research easier and more efficient.

Our new AI Assistant offers a wide range of features to significantly simplify daily research tasks. From automated text and image creation, to moderation support for tasks, diaries and communities, to response completeness checks, the AI Assistant reduces time-consuming and standardised tasks for researchers.

As an extension of the AI analysis released a year ago, the new assistant is also fully integrated into our platform: Collected data can be processed directly without the need to export data or switch tools.

We are committed to privacy, security and transparency when working with the AI: researchers can always access the original submissions and understand the basis of the AI's answers. In addition, data for integrated AI services is only processed within the EU and is not used to train the AI. This enables the use of the latest AI models in compliance with EU GDPR.

Dirk Wieseke, CEO of KERNWERT, comments: "The existing AI features have been very well accepted by our customers. We are happy to be able to offer new, hands-on AI support with this update, making it even easier to conduct qualitative studies."

What does this mean for you?

Let the AI Assistant handle time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus more on your research. The AI Assistant can review open-ended responses, suggest follow-up questions, or summarize key discussion points …

Text creation:
Quickly and easily create welcome texts, instructions, reminders, or thematic introductions, or get alternative suggestions for your texts. The assistant can also manage translations effortlessly.

Image creation:
Instantly create images and illustrations. Visualize respondents' ideas, generate photos for result presentations, or produce relevant images for your study platform design.

All this and more…

Discover the new generation of our AI Assistant and see the benefits for your studies. Contact us for a personal live session and experience the AI Assistant in action.

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