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QDC Studio Version 12

QDC Studio Version 12: Survey Collection with New Tools and Automatic Evaluation

The 12th generation has arrived - with new tools, a simpler setup and automatic analysis of all closed question types.

With the current update, we have placed a special focus on the area of structured, quantitative questions. All existing tools for the implementation of questionnaires have been completely revised, optimized and extended.

Some highlights of the new version:

  • Survey-Collection with 12 new or completely reworked tools: multiple and single selection, matrix questions, image selection, sums, star ratings or rankings.

  • Templates for a simpler and more efficient set-up

  • Automatic analysis of the results of all new survey tools: display and export of diagrams and frequency tables

  • Optimization and extension of the existing touch tool collection: easy addition of open questions and/or media uploads to all question types

  • All new tools are optimized for use via web app.

The new version is now available to our customers in all current and new projects. Questions and tasks that have already been set remain unaffected by the update; the new tools can be used for new questions. We will be happy to show you the changes and innovations in a short web presentation. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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