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"Should I stay or should I go?" - Our new independend study on participants' motivation in research communities

February 2020 // At the GOR conference in Berlin, we will be happy to share our insights for the first time. We initiated the study for a better understanding of participants' expectations and motivations. 

When planning and designing medium or long-term online communities, similar questions come to the mind of researchers: How do we keep a high level of activity of over a period of time? How can we avoid that participants leave the study before the study is completed? To what extent is the incentive  important for the participants' motivation? How can we improve the integration of research questions of the study? 

In our independend study, we examined the participants' perspective in detail by taking a three-stage approach: questionnaire, community discussions and webcam interviews. Followed-up by in-depth analysis of the expectations and motivations of members of long-term communities. 

We are excited to present our insights at the Online Research Conference (GOR) in Berlin. 

Thu 12.3. 12-13 pm 
"Should I stay or should I go? - Why do participants remain active in market research communities?"
Track A3.2: Motivation and Participation

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