Artificial intelligence for your digital qualitative research: research communities, diaries, homework, focus groups and interviews.

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AI support during the evaluation and processing of your data - for more time dedicated to your participants, exchanges and reflections.

The focus of qualitative research lies on people - their experience, opinions and needs. The central principle and goal are to develop deeper insights and understanding. This requires time and room for exchange and reflection. Our software supports you with integrated AI models of the new generation, thus providing you with more freedom for your research.

Dive in faster and save time and resources.

Take advantage of automation, save resources during the research process and speed up certain work steps, e.g. through an automatic summary, topic extraction or the targeted search for citations.

Digital spaces for authentic exchanges

With our software Kernwert Studio, we offer you digital spaces for authentic and creative exchanges on eye level. Whether interview, diary or research community - we advise and accompany you in your research projects with state-of-the-art software, experience and enthusiasm.

More time for essentials with new AI generation

As one of the first providers of survey software, we integrated the new generation of AI models into our platform to offer you smart functions for your analysis, e.g. an automatic summary of contributions. The automation relieves you of time-consuming tasks so you can better focus on the exchange with participants and gain relevant insights faster.

NLP also for smaller quantities of data

The new AI generation can understand and process human language in a quality previously unknown. With Kernwert Studio you can now use the possibilities of NLP (Natural Language Processing) for relatively small qualitative data sets without having to train an AI individually. The AI is ready to use straight away and you will benefit without any preparatory work.

Collect data and conduct AI-supported analysis - all in one platform.

The new AI analysis is fully integrated in Kernwert Studio: you can apply it to your results directly on the platform and combine it with proven functions such as segmentation, filtering and search - without exporting data and as always in compliance with data protection standards.

This makes Kernwert Studio a unique tool, which supports you from data collection, project communication. and participant management to moderation and analysis.

For the diversity of digital qualitative research

Conduct your remote interviews, have them automatically transcribed and/or translated and summarized by AI. Or test your products in diaries and then inquire with AI about your collected data. The whole variety of digital qualitative research in one single platform.

Convince yourself of the possibilities of Kernwert Studio for your research.

Our software is as diverse as qualitative online research: from mobile ethnography to pretasks and diaries to communities, focus groups and interviews. What kind of study would you like to conduct?

It's easy to get started: live sessions, web seminars and personal consulting.

We would be happy to present our solution to you: live session, webinars, lunch & learn or individual training. Get in touch with us - we look forward to your questions.

Benefit from the new AI Assistant for your research.


GDPR compliant. Integrated.

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